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Fees & Nitty Gritty

Fee Structure 2020

Half Day

Monday – Friday
(7:30 – 12:30)

Monthly Fee
R 3900.00

Termly Fee (5% Discount)
(Payable every 4 months)
R 14820.00

Annual Fee (7% Discount)
(Payable before 31 December)
R 43524.00

Linger Longer

Monday – Friday
(7:30 – 15:30)

Monthly Fee
R 4700.00

Termly Fee (5% Discount)
(Payable every 4 months)
R 17860.00

Annual Fee (7% Discount)
(Payable before 31 December)
R 52452.00


7% Sibling discount
(Discount added to Monthly fee)

Adhoc Linger Longer
R 50.00/day


R 4700.00

Nitty Gritty

1. Fee Policy

1 month’s school fees deposit of R 4700.00 is required on acceptance at Little Shack Montessori.

The day care is to please be given 2 calendar months’ notice should your baby be withdrawn from the school. Should the parents fail to adhere to the above then Little Shack Montessori reserves the right to keep the deposit.

Little Shack Montessori reserves the right to refuse any baby due to late school fees being paid. School fees are to be paid at the beginning of every month.

2. Calender

Little Shack Montessori follows the  3 term calendar but will be open for 11 months of the year, with a few short breaks in the year. The school will be closed  in December and reopen in January. The specific dates shall be confirmed yearly. If a public holiday falls on a Thursday or a Tuesday then the school will be closed on the Friday or the Monday for a long weekend.

3. Medical Policy

Healthy is Happy. If your child is unwell due to vomiting, diarrhoea, green runny nose, coughing, sore throat or any other contagious illnesses, or has a fever of 37.8 degrees Celsius or higher please kindly keep them at home. Please note that you will be contacted for collection should your child fall ill during school hours.

No antibiotics will be administered at school. If your child is on antibiotics then please kindly keep them at home until the full course is finished.

4. Food Policy

No food will be provided by Little Shack Montessori so please ensure a healthy nutritious snack and lunch (for linger longer babies) is provided daily. Please label all lunch boxes, containers, juice bottles etc.

Please pack daily your babies sterilised bottles, portioned out formula or breast milk and feeding spoon and bowl in a cooler bag in order to store in the fridge. 

5. first day policy

Each baby is given a drawer at school to store daily items. Please bring on the first day: 1 x pack nappies, 1 x pack wet wipes, 1 x box of disposable nappy bags, bum cream, hat, suncream and an art apron. A record book is kept of your babies daily activities such as nap times, feed times, potty times etc. 

Please pack in your babies bag daily the following: 2 sets of a change of clothes, pacifier, comforter (teddy, blankie etc) and a warm blanket in winter.