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Montessori Preschool

starting from 18 months old.
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About Little Shack Preschool

Little Shack is a small home-based preschool in the heart of Sandton, Johannesburg. We cater for little ones from 18 months old. We follow the Montessori approach at Little Shack and our little pupils are therefore encouraged to gain independence. They learn about the world around them through sensory play and exploration. Our Christian values, small teacher child ratio, variety of child lead activity/play and a personal touch is what makes our school so unique.

A loving, peaceful, encouraging, and safe community is what Little Shack is all about.


Melanie De Vos

As anticipated sending our first baby off to daycare for the first time was extremely difficult and overwhelming. Where do you send your baby? Will they be safe? Will they be happy? Will they be...

Caroline Schultz

Such a happy, welcoming and nurturing little school. My son is thriving there and loves going everyday! So much thought and effort is put into the curriculum and the children are exposed to many...

Michelle Yang

Such a happy, welcoming and nurturing little school. My son is thriving there and loves going everyday! So much thought and My 3 year old toddler has been going to Little Shack Montessori for over a...

Lynne Turner

Such a wonderful, nurturing, fun little school. It really is like a second family to our little girl. Megan and Memory are truly special and we are so grateful to have found them. Back

Tracy Mutch

Love working at Little Shack, such a happy environment. Back


We have designed the classroom at Little Shack preschool specifically to encourage our little ones to become more independent through child focused activities. During the work cycle each child is encouraged to choose work independently, work purposefully, pack away once completed which ultimately allows them to gain autonomy.

Sensory Play

Children learn by engaging all 5 of their senses. Our children are encouraged to explore, manipulate, and discover through the Montessori materials that are provided for them. We also provide weekly messy play, or art and craft activities, following a theme, that are designed to introduce new concepts and foster creativity.

Music & Movement

Music and movement are a wonderful way for children to develop holistically. Music Box (music) and Tumbling Tigerz (movement) are extra mural programs that come once a week to provide additional stimulation and aid in development. We also offer these classes to stay at home children who don’t attend school. 


Each and every child is fearfully and wonderfully made. We understand that children reach their developmental milestones in their own time. Therefore, our qualified teachers at Little Shack Montessori guide, encourage and celebrate with each child as they reach their milestones at their own healthy pace.