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Such a happy, welcoming and nurturing little school. My son is thriving there and loves going everyday! So much thought and My 3 year old toddler has been going to Little Shack Montessori for over a year now and I can honestly say that he is happiest little guy when he goes to school. He loves his friends and his teachers. My personal highlights are the fact that Little Shack supported our cloth diapering journey, they warm up his food during lunch time so that he can have a nice warm meal, there’s extracurricular activities (i.e. Music Box and Tumbling Tigerz) and fun activities (baking, arts & crafts, etc) to look forward to. It has amazing teacher to student ratio (1 to 4) which means that the children get the love and care they need. There’s plenty of outdoor play time but also quiet indoor activity (i.e. work time) following Montessori principles, the child can choose the activity he/she wants to focus on, thus supporting their intrinsic motivation. They were also very supportive during the potty training phase which helped us potty train successfully fairly quickly. Ah did I also mention that they are the only ones able to put my child down to sleep in record time? Due to its small size, most parents know each other and all the children’s names, creating a sense of community. I honestly cannot recommend Little Shack highly enough. If you’re looking for a small and nurturing environment for your young toddler look no further!