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Our Teachers

About The Little Shack Teachers

Megan Carter

Megan is the owner and Head Directress of Little Shack Montessori. She completed her international diploma in 2015 and is also Level One CPR qualified. 

A wife of 5 years and mommy to sweet little Joshua, Megan has a genuine and compassionate heart that has room for all those in the Little Shack family.  Following God’s instruction, she started Little Shack in faith. She leads the Little Shack family firmly based on His word. 

Her favorite part about teaching is watching the development of little characters and seeing them discover the world for themselves. 

Rumbidzai Tembo

Rumbi is an assistant teacher at Little Shack. She has many years of experience as an assistant teacher in the Montessori field and is also Level One CPR qualified. 

As mom to an 8 year old little girl, Rumbi  understands the heart of a child and has a playful nature. Her vibrant, bubbly personality is infectious and Rumbi is loved by all who meet her. Rumbi’s energy and strength come from God. 

Her favorite part about teaching is engaging with the children and sharing in their contagious laughter. 


Tracey Carter

Tracey is a locum teacher at Little Shack who is ready to step in and provide love and encouragement whenever Megan or Rumbi are not available. She ran a preschool of her own for 9 happy years.

Tracey is a real “gogo” to anyone who crosses her path. She has been married for 36 years, has 3 adult children and is gogo to Joshua. Her watchful eye and peaceful spirit are part of the reason that Tracey’s passion for care shines through when she works with children. The love she has for God is evident through her loving nature.