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As anticipated sending our first baby off to daycare for the first time was extremely difficult and overwhelming. Where do you send your baby? Will they be safe? Will they be happy? Will they be loved? We prayed long and hard and searched for guidance from above. We made a decision in Faith, and found Little Shack. Our baby joined Little Shack when she was 5 months old and wow, our expectations were exceeded in every way. We found a second home for our baby. A place were she is nurtured and loved. In this beautiful environment, Megan and Memory shower all the kiddies with attention, room to develop and grow, the ability to learn, to be independent, to have fun with friends but most importantly for me as a mother an environment were my baby is cared for and loved. My baby is now a confident and independent little toddler and this is a huge thanks to the amazing foundation that is Little Shack. Little Shack has become and will always be family. Thank you. Forever grateful.